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3 Sep

Image9/3/2013: My goal is to compete in bikini bodybuilding Nov. and Dec. again after 11 years off stage. I have 26 more lbs. to go for that. Being very ill for 8 years I lost myself, my confidence, my dedication, my strength. Which made my career, relationships, and life suffer greatly. I need this to find that strong / healthy part of me again. I’ve been using this down time to make my insides beautiful with self improvement and inspiring others even tho being sick was extremely depressing! I now am ready for my beautiful strong insides to match a strong exterior. I am looking forward to not only looking healthy but being healthy again and this time… The healthiest of my life as an almost 2  year vegan. Becoming Vegan saved my life! I would’ve never have found out about my parasitic infection. 8 doctors in 8 years couldn’t figure it out and not eating meat for 7 months made my body purge them. So yeah… Becoming Vegan saved my life! 🙂






21 Aug

Thru my 8 year battle with illness and multiple knee surgeries… Going from a size 0 to over 176 lbs. I lost my ability to be strong and disciplined. I kept getting depressed and giving up on myself. I HATED what I saw in the mirror and I would have anxiety about having to get dressed because none of my clothes fit. I was embarrassed to see my friends in LA because most people remember me as the “Fitness Chic” and in my head I could hear them whispering “OMG Mary got FAT!” (Not that anyone ever said that to me as I said it was all in my head) So then I would get super depressed again and cancel or flake. Not just because of my weight but also because I was feeling so sick for so many years at one point last year I just asked God to take me… “I’m done” (Then we immediately found out WHY I was sick from an intestinal parasite infection) Bikini Body Building Competing again is helping me to get that discipline back because of how committed I HAVE TO BE to a GOAL of strict diet and exercise. (This time as a VEGAN COMPETITOR) These competitions are also helping me to get completely healthy again which is going to benefit not only me but everyone around me, my work, my marriage, my friendships, my attitude, self-confidence, etc. I am also getting my body healthy and strong again to carry a BABY next year within a healthy body! 🙂 Not to mention in just the last week I have had hundreds of postings and emails from people telling me that I am inspiring THEM to get healthy and THAT is PRICELESS and worth everything I am doing 🙂 In a way I feel like I was supposed to have all of these challenges so that I could HELP OTHERS which really is my main purpose in life… The more I can help others every day helps me to be a better human

❤ to U from Mary Lou

Day 21 #progressphoto I’m getting pretty BUFF! It’s feeling pretty AWESOME! 11 weeks till my first competition in 11 years!


8 Mar
Mary Lou ~ March 2013

Mary Lou ~ March 2013

Howdy Everyone!

I haven’t done a Mary Morphing update in awhile so here it is… We found out that my intestinal infection was not cured yet so I’ve been on my 4th parasite cleanse within the last year. This killing/cleansing process makes you lethargic, bloated, moody, itchy, acne prone, and to have strange food cravings because the parasites are fighting to survive. I have 3 more weeks of this cleanse. I am going to try harder to get back to exercising while during this cleansing process. I am not gonna lie… I really don’t feel up to it but I got a new bike yesterday to inspire me. Good news is I have not gained back any of the weight I lost in the last 6 months which is HUGE HEALING PROGRESS! I just have a little bloated uncomfortable Buddha belly by evening time every night. My goal is to lose another 20 lbs. to be a healthy and still curvy 125 lbs. I am not giving up and I am fighting the good fight! 

Healthy Hugs to you from Mary Lou

FYI… So far I have had OVER 30 colonics in the last 5 months and 4 rounds of parasite treatments since August 2012.  You can read more about it at “Mary Lou Health Update”

Here is the cleansing product I am using right now. I used 2 others including a medical strong prescription to rid me of the parasites before this one.

You can get it from my holistic practitioner in Tarzana and also ask her any questions you have. www.innerhealthcenter.com (I also designed her website) Her name is Deenie Robbins.

Also… Here is an educational video we shot, directed, and edited for my holistic practitioner with a lot of info on it as well. 


Product Details

The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity by Donna Gates and Linda Schatz



Old Me... Inspiring Present Me... Into NEW, WISER, and HEALTHIER THAN EVER ME!!

Old Me… Inspiring Present Me… Into NEW, WISER, and HEALTHIER THAN EVER ME!!

Dear P90X2…

5 Feb
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Mary Lou ~ Feb. 5, 2013

Dear P90X2: So that’s what a good core workout feels like… I haven’t felt this in YEARS! I’m having a little trouble moving today after my first time with you yesterday… THANK YOU! May I please have another! #feb2013 #progressphoto #getlean2013 #fitnessjourney #fitness #fitinspiration #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #fitlife #organic #Vegan #raw #juicing #juicecleanse #juiceeupmylife #weightloss #weightlossjourney #beachbody #p90x2 #training #core #workingonmy6pack

You gotta have GOALS to SUCCEED! My #getlean2013 goal is ME MOTIVATING ME!

Mary Lou ~ Feb. 5, 2013

Mary Lou ~ Feb. 5, 2013


Feb. 2013 ~ Progress photos! Gettin Fit! Gettin Fit!

4 Feb
Mary Lou ~ Feb. 4, 2013

Mary Lou ~ Feb. 4, 2013

Above is February’s progress photo and Below is from Aug. 2012 to Jan. 2013. My actual weight has stayed the same this last month as I am replacing fat with muscle I am getting leaner and smaller tho. I am liking what the mirror is showing me and paying no attention to the scale I am feeling FAB! I did a week of the AR perfectly and lost more inches than weight. Since I used to be a fitness competitor and dancer I have a lot more dense muscle mass than the average person. I wanted to do another AR but I am really addicted to hitting it hard working out right now (I haven’t felt this addicted in years to training) so I do not want to stop that while doing a juicing fast. I will reward myself with a juice cleanse again in a month or so… I haven’t seen my abs or been as lean as I used to be since 2004. I am so inspired more than ever before and looking forward to the future! Juicing has changed my life! Years ago I may have “looked” healthy as a fitness competitor but on the inside I was not healthy at all with not enough nutrients needed to be alkaline and disease free. I feel so much healthier and better at 42 than I have EVER in my life! Thanks Drew Canole andFitLife.tv!!

I also can not forget my holistic practitioner Deenie Robbins!! THANK YOU! Because of you and your help I am almost parasite free!!! www.innerhealthcenter.com

Mary Lou ~ Jan. 2013

Finally Feeling Super Sexy!

1 Feb

All this cleansing, juicing, eating clean, losing weight, and working out is making me feel SUPER SEXY! MEOW! #nomakeup #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitinspiration #fitspiration #weightlossjourney #weightloss #getlean2013 #veganfitness #vegan #juicecleanse #cleanse #gettinglean #gettingmymojoback #gettingmysexyback

Mary Lou ~ Feb. 1, 2013

Mary Lou ~ Feb. 1, 2013

Repeating Patterns…

30 Jan

Since I have been eating cleaner and cleansing I notice a lot more within my body and I have a clearer mindset… Now that I am more aware of myself… I have during this time learned that I STOP once I start seeing results… (This happens not only with my physical fitness goals but with my other goals in life as well)  This last week of my birthday I cheated on my diet then felt weak and lethargic so I didn’t work out. Then I noticed I started sleeping more and waking up later and my mood wasn’t as happy go lucky. I also noticed myself gaining a few lbs. back and getting flabby and the cellulite coming back in my legs. Even though my cheats are all organic and vegan and cleaner than most people’s cheats that is no excuse I need to keep sugar and gluten out of diet PERIOD! The few bites of gluten and sugar are NOT WORTH MY HEALTH and MY GOALS! We all slip and fall but it is when we get back UP that counts! I am learning more and more about myself and how I repeat habits. NOW I can STOP and MOVE FORWARD! Now that I am more aware of my patterns and how my body is responding to clean eating and training I will not be slipping again. Today is an awesome day of protein shakes, juicing, salads and clean eating! Today has started off with good news, working out, and feeling good about myself that I am learning, growing, healing, and living a full beautiful healthy life! ~ Healthy Hugs to You From A Thing or Two by Mary Lou”

Not feeling blue about turning 42

Mary Lou is not feeling blue about turning 42


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