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6 Jan

As of 12/29/2012 I have been vegan for over a year, cured my insulin resistance, stopped ALL medications, currently curing myself from a parasitic intestinal infection I found out I had after 8 years ONLY because I started CLEANSING MY BODY (see links below), and… I no longer have severe PCOS menstrual cramping and breast soreness every month because I am regulating my hormones thru an ORGANIC VEGAN LIFESTYLE and EXERCISE! I STILL HAVE A LONG JOURNEY TO WELLNESS AND MY OPTIMUM HEALTH / WEIGHT BUT I FEEL THE BEST I HAVE FELT IN OVER 8 YEARS!! STAY HEALTHY, STAY IN THE GYM, STAY INFORMED AND LEARN ABOUT HOW THE HUMAN BODY WORKS AND DIGESTS!! KEEP GOING!! YOU CAN BE HEALTHY!! This long health battle of mine has actually changed my life and career! 2013 I will begin my new / old path into becoming a personal trainer “again” (after a 10 year absence) and studying to become a vegan nutritionist. It is time to live a life helping others heal themselves and making a difference in the world!

I will now be updating my fitness / health progress in this blog. www.marylcarter.com

Click to read some recent detailed updates about my health and journey here… MARY MORPHING as well as suggested programs and people you can see to help you with your journey. (after clicking  SCROLL DOWN)

You can follow my up to date body progress photos here



Old Me... Inspiring Present Me... Into NEW, WISER, and HEALTHIER THAN EVER ME!!

Old Me… Inspiring Present Me… Into NEW, WISER, and HEALTHIER THAN EVER ME!!

Old Me... Inspiring Present Me... Into NEW, WISER, and HEALTHIER THAN EVER ME!!
Old Me… Inspiring Present Me… Into NEW, WISER, and HEALTHIER THAN EVER ME!!


Update: I am finally feeling FANTASTIC!

1 Jun

I am sorry I have been away so long… Here is why…

We went Vegan last December and I stopped all of my hormone meds I’ve been on since I was 14 years old (the amount of meds increased as I got older). When I went Vegan as well as stopping all of my hormone meds at the same time my body and mind spiraled into a depression I never want to witness again! But there is good news… I am finally feeling FANTASTIC on a more consistent basis within this last month where my mood, confidence, libido, and energy is coming back after years and years of feeling and being ill. My stomach and my whole body feels so much better after becoming Vegan! My skin is beginning to clear up since I broke out in hives everywhere after stopping my horomone meds, it is going to take time before that levels out. I am learning patience with this journey instead of feeling like a leper like I did for 4 long months when I started this journey in the beginning of the year. (I barely left the couch or the house for 4 months unless it was work and then I put a fake smile on my face). I still have to take my insulin regulating metformin for my insulin resistance which I will be able to get off of completely later as my body regulates itself for the first time EVER! My weight has finally leveled out as well! Now that I no longer “diet” because I have a healthy Organic Vegan Lifestyle I do not need to diet! YAY!! I haven’t craved meat and I haven’t had the urge to cheat because there are vegan / vegetarian options for everything and it tastes BETTER! I am looking forward to the future and finally feeling ALIVE and HEALTHY! I am also feeling like I can start my workout routine again with positivity instead of the doom and gloom attitude I had before because of massive hormone crazy induced depression. I am feeling more confident, hydrated, and energized and ready to take on the world again! What an amazing feeling I am experiencing! The days can only get better from here! I am loving not being a slave to daily prescriptions! Why didn’t I do this earlier in life instead of listening to doctors that just wanted to give me a man made pill for everything.

Now for hubby Justin and I to work on that baby bump this year!! I have never been pregnant and I don’t know if it will work because of all of the medications I have been on forever and the fact that at 41 years old I may only have one egg left… We will have fun trying tho!

Wishing you strength and patience on your journey. Know that things will get better if you take the steps to look fear in the face. To change your mindset, outlook, lifestyle, eating habits to healthier options. You won’t get anywhere “wishing” believe me I KNOW! I also know that no matter how hard you work in the gym that if you are not putting clean fuel into your body then you will NOT get the results you are seeking… More on my new body image developments and the different mindset I have now about training than what I thought a year ago when I was killing myself with diet and exercise to be the “perfect body” Mary that used to be on magazine covers in my next blog…

Sending LOVE to you all!

Be good to yourself and be good to one another!


Mary Lou

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Nature itself is the best physician.” ~ Hippocrates

“If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.” ~ Hippocrates

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. ” ~ Hippocrates

Mary Lou (left) Yvette Summers (right)
at the Worldfest Vegan Festival on May 20, 2012


21 Mar

The Raw Honesty, The Violence, The Struggles, And The Journey From Living In The Past Full Of Anger… To Finding Peace and Balance.

I Wrote This In 2003 To Remind Myself Of My Journey And To Hopefully Inspire Others On A More Peaceful Path.

Some Days Even Though I Lived This Story… I Have to Come Back To Read This So I Don’t Fall Off My Path And Forget That I Am Strong and I CAN Make It Through ANYTHING!!

I found this again and thought I would share….

Some of you will stop reading after the first paragraph in judgment and/or disbelief that this is about me…

And some of you will read through the whole thing and learn some valuable lessons in life 🙂

Peace, Power, and Love My Friends!

Mary Lou Sandler




I was born a girl with rage and evil in her heart from my first breath on this earth. I grew up a vain child, devious, and feeling alone most of the time. Many souls have come in and out of my life some whom felt the same way I did and relished in the mischief we could create together while others I have hurt and shamed with my selfish, jealous, and vile ways. I have loved and hated with great passion. I had always been one extreme to another. I learned to adapt, mold, and blend myself into any situation so not to show my true self and the rage I felt growing inside of me.

There was a time when I went from loving myself more than anyone to loathing myself more than anyone. Growing up I have felt great love from one part, hated and envied by another, and abandoned by others in my family. I have beaten people down with my fists and with verbal fits of rage only to make myself feel more powerful in some way or another. I have been beaten, raped, and torn apart by people I thought I knew and loved. I have been stalked and attacked by strangers who thought I would be their next victim but failed.

I can no longer keep count how many times I have wanted to die because I did not feel loved or believed myself to be to inadequate to conquer life and have also lost count on how many times I have actually tried to end it all and failed. The last time I thought heavily about it I asked for help for the first time instead of acting out. That was in the year of 2000 right before I tore all the cartilage out of my knee, didn’t have health insurance, laid in bed immobile for 2 months and was forced to reevaluate my life.

Thus became the days of my awakening

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