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2015 Dreams and Birthday Wishes…

20 Jan

Well it is a New Year and tomorrow is my birthday! I have 3 goals in my 44th year of life!


I would like to upgrade my photography studio, 3 cubed studios, LLC with newer equipment so that I can start playing with the “big boys” this year as well as create life altering content! (see #2 below) This includes a 5D Mark III, lighting, and audio equipment. (see link below)


I would like to use the above gear to create documentary films and short uplifting and life changing content such as interviews with leaders, gurus, and everyday inspirational people. I would also like to interview the older generations currently in their 80s and 90s+ of different ethic groups around the USA because very soon their lives and stories will be no more and I would love to document their rich history of cultural change as well as their dedicated commitment to love and relationships. Lastly I would love to create content focused on empowering women for the new generations to come and those of us seeking new and better ways to walk our current path.


I want to volunteer more and to travel the world doing humanitarian efforts, documentary filming, and photography. I want my life to be bigger than my own and make an impact on the world. I want to live every day creating something special that helps at least one person a day! I want to do this by PHYSICALLY BEING THERE and not just by posting about my adventures or dreams but by actually impacting people’s lives by actual physical interaction and energy exchange.

I also have been cultivating and designing an idea for the the last 5 years for what we will presently call a “community center” because many community driven businesses will all be in one area (this idea has never been done before) I can’t say much about it except that it is a self sustaining green community that is full of enlightenment, food, art, music, film, photography and will also help children. This year I need to have someone make a business plan so that I can approach investors. Business plans cost anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000. This project will cost over 33 million to build but it will start a better way to build buildings as well as community based businesses and charities. It will change the way the future is built in many ways.  THIS is my ULTIMATE DREAM and THE REASON I have been put here on this earth. It is my goal this year to finally take this baby of mine off of the paper that I have been writing and planning on for years and build an ACTION PLAN to make it a reality. I AM READY!

Those of you wishing to help in my 2015 quest with a little birthday gift or an any time donation you may do so via this little button here…

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Or just wish me luck and send good vibes in a comment below.

All is welcome and appreciated!

What are your goals and dreams for 2015?
I would love to read all about them!

Disclaimer: The above is just me sharing my dreams and you may support in any way. Please KNOW that in no way what so ever is anything ever an obligation or expected. I too am investing in the dreams above and have already started a savings for the above mentioned items. Thank you for reading and I wish you love and light in all of your endeavors and dreams always. ❤ 🙂

Here is a link to some of the items on Mary Lou’s 2015 Wish List and for everything else on my vision boards… Follow me on Pinterest

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