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My first competition training progress photo!!

21 Aug

My first #competitiontraining #progressphoto!! The last year has been challenging with finally learning about my intestinal parasitic infection that has made me sick for almost 8 years. I’ve been in painful treatments for a year now and we “think” I’m finally healed! I’m feeling GREAT! This has been such a growth journey of learning what to eat etc. on my 2nd year of becoming a #Vegan. My insides both mentally and physically have grown and healed beyond measure! I’m almost glad I’ve suffered for so long! I needed an ego check and time to become a better human. Because of my infection and other challenges as well as just old fashioned laziness… I’ve been yo yoing up and down with my weight. NOW THAT I FEEL HEALTHY AGAIN I HAVE A GOAL! I’m competing in my first bikini / bodybuilding competition show in 11 years on Nov. 2nd (Shelton, WA) and Dec. 14th (Culver City, CA) As of 8/18/2013 this is my Progress.  @marylousandler

Here are the competitions…

November 2, 2013, Shelton, WA ~ 2013 NPC FitStop 24 Northwest Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini & Male Physique Championships *National Qualifier* ~ http://olympiabodybuilding.com/olybb/index.php/northwest-championships/contest-info

Dec 14, 2013, Culver City, California ~ NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding Championships *National Qualifier* ~http://lindsayproductions.com/13EventInfoEx.php

My start date was 8/1/2013 of dieting and training in baby steps the first two weeks. This week I’ve been hitting it HARD at the gym. The MIDDLE photo is me 8/18/2013. The far right photo is MY GOAL. (Me in 2002… not me now) But… WILL BE ME AGAIN SOON!! Hopefully I can inspire others to get healthy and fit 🙂 You CAN overcome obstacles! Love yourself ❤

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