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I have to get this DARKNESS OUT OF MY HEAD!

22 Jul

I have to get this DARKNESS OUT OF MY HEAD! This vent might be all over the place! I have to regurgitate on paper where it “feels” safer… Not so coincidently as our filming dates come closer on our short film about depression and suicidal thoughts… It’s no wonder that I am feeling this way… I HAVE TO FACE THIS! I HAVE TO STARE INTO THE EYES OF THIS BEAST WITHIN! I am really fighting demons and darkness today! Nothing has gone wrong! The last few months I have been feeling the most confident, true self-love (this is brand new for me), abundance, and success in my life that I have EVER experienced and yet I feel like EVERYTHING is going to go wrong any minute now! I chanted and it is still there… I feel it in my chest & heart! This burning sensation and pressure! I feel it in the racing words within my mind of “you don’t deserve such goodness”, “you’re a dork”, “you’re ugly”, “you’re trailer trash”, “you’re stupid”, “you have a 7th grade education”, “you’re a worthless object”, “no one loves you”, “everyone hates you”, “you don’t belong”, “If you were gone, no one would miss you”. THIS DAILY DIALOGUE is what I have battled with all of my life! The above is the result of a lifetime since infancy of abandonment, bullies, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and sexual abuse. Then… when I got myself away from the dark world that I repeatedly “uncomfortably comfortable” put myself into as an adult to continue the abuse I was used to… (Fun fact: I have only been living in and around a constant positive group of people, work, and lifestyle for less than 3 years <— this hidden “Mary L. Carter” story I am still contemplating whether I want to write a book about) … Once I escaped the darkness of the people and environment I was “willingly” putting myself into over and over again until I was barely in my 40s… When that lifestyle was completely gone and the abuser’s voices went away… It took me almost 2 of the last almost 3 years to realize that… I WAS THE WORST DAILY BULLY TO MYSELF!

I started to identify my biggest bully being myself last summer and I slowly started researching ways to help improve my state of “being”. Last December I went FULL FORCE and HEAD ON INTO my “Building a Better Human Revolution/The Magnificent Mary Lou Mission”. I have gone to counseling, mentors, life coaches, Buddhists meetings, became an SGI Buddhist, currently attending the American Jewish University to learn religion for the first time, attend and still attend self improvement seminars, lectures, women’s seminars, INTENSE healing women’s retreats, 2 different 12 step groups (OA and SLAA), I got involved in many charity efforts, volunteer work, and got obsessed with helping others flourish while I am learning/growing. ALL THIS and I am STILL faced with this darkness?!?!?!?!?!?! Yes, I know you must have darkness to know light… I know there has to be a balance of good and evil, I know that I went thru what I went thru so I can share and inspire others, etc. etc.

IT’s STILL REALLY ANNOYING! Especially now since my eyes are OPEN! I do see a difference though in my processing because now I am a witness to it instead of going deep into the darkness, then going too deep and staying there for days/weeks, and then going into fantasyland of how to escape either by chucking it all and disappearing or ending it all.  <— NO FUN BEING THERE! NO FUN FOR ANYONE! In 2000 instead of attempting suicide again I asked for help and my friend took me to a hospital in Culver City and stayed by my side for days. (RIP Hugh Bateman you were my savior and friend in more ways than I could even express. Fortunately I don’t know if it was 6th sense or what but I called him while I was living in Vegas around 2007? 2008? to tell him how much I appreciated him… The next week without warning, he passed away.)

July and August should be a time of fun in the sun summer happiness but for me it also reminds me of a lot of death, drama, destruction, heartbreak, etc. that has happened in my life during those months. (I can say that I am having the BEST FRIGGEN JULY EVER! YAY 2015!) I am really REALLY trying right now to remind myself that “I AM SAFE, I AM LOVED, I BELONG!” (Thank you Eva Clay and Francis Di Vine) I can also say that after the months of July and August came my biggest life shifts. I am looking forward to what is coming… and even more “who” I am becoming…

I also have to acknowledge that I am experiencing a huge rejection fear and fear of everyone getting MAD at me! Because I sent out 100s of personal emails this morning for our last days of our short film crowd funding campaign. In my mind, everyone is upset with me, no one cares, and no one believes in me. NONE OF THIS NONSENSE IS TRUE LITTLE MISS MARY MIND! (What is true is that if someone is going to get upset with you because you sent an “email” then hit the delete button and delete that person out of your life!)

Maybe my new found success and positive environment, strength, power, self-love, life, love, career, and abundance I am experiencing lately because I made the CONSCIOUS ACTION and DEDICATION to CHANGE MYSELF and then CHANGE THE WORLD… I am experiencing what Kia Colton is always reminding me of to read the book “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks…

I am experiencing my “UPPER LIMIT PROBLEM” (upper limits of our abilities to experience joy, success, love and abundance.)

I have more good things happening right now than I can even post or put in my new gratitude journal! Considering my past… I really am not used to this much consistent goodness and I don’t know how to act!?!?!?!

Right now I think I am doing what I have always done (usually sooner than this) Once the going gets good… SABOTAGE IT! Why? Because I believed the bullies, the abusers, and the predators that were telling me that I was nothing and unloved! Most of all I believed MYSELF that was telling me that I was nothing and unloved!


I AM ALIVE TODAY! Thank goodness all of the pills and razors that I used to take my own life when I was a teen up until 2000 didn’t take! I have so much inspiring work to do for myself and for others!!

I have been carrying in my bag and traveling with the book “The Big Leap” for 4 months now! I have not read it yet! After carrying the book around for the first 2 months the universe even manifested putting me inside the author’s HOUSE and he signed my book! (That was still not enough of a HINT! I still did not read it!)

The other day I finally read the first few pages and today within my struggle… I really need to ask myself these 4 questions in the beginning of the book…

“Am I willing to increase the amount of time every day that I feel good inside?”

Am I willing to increase the amount of time that my whole life goes well?”

“Am I willing to feel good and have my life go well all the time?”

“Are you willing to take the Big Leap to your ultimate level of success in love, money, and creative contribution?”

I needed to be reminded of my inner darkness today! I needed to feel THIS PAIN yet again! I needed to WRITE THIS! I needed to FACE THIS! I needed THIS SHIFT!

I will be reading that book now…

Thank YOU for reading THIS!

❤ ❤ ❤
Mary Lou Sandler


2015 Dreams and Birthday Wishes…

20 Jan

Well it is a New Year and tomorrow is my birthday! I have 3 goals in my 44th year of life!


I would like to upgrade my photography studio, 3 cubed studios, LLC with newer equipment so that I can start playing with the “big boys” this year as well as create life altering content! (see #2 below) This includes a 5D Mark III, lighting, and audio equipment. (see link below)


I would like to use the above gear to create documentary films and short uplifting and life changing content such as interviews with leaders, gurus, and everyday inspirational people. I would also like to interview the older generations currently in their 80s and 90s+ of different ethic groups around the USA because very soon their lives and stories will be no more and I would love to document their rich history of cultural change as well as their dedicated commitment to love and relationships. Lastly I would love to create content focused on empowering women for the new generations to come and those of us seeking new and better ways to walk our current path.


I want to volunteer more and to travel the world doing humanitarian efforts, documentary filming, and photography. I want my life to be bigger than my own and make an impact on the world. I want to live every day creating something special that helps at least one person a day! I want to do this by PHYSICALLY BEING THERE and not just by posting about my adventures or dreams but by actually impacting people’s lives by actual physical interaction and energy exchange.

I also have been cultivating and designing an idea for the the last 5 years for what we will presently call a “community center” because many community driven businesses will all be in one area (this idea has never been done before) I can’t say much about it except that it is a self sustaining green community that is full of enlightenment, food, art, music, film, photography and will also help children. This year I need to have someone make a business plan so that I can approach investors. Business plans cost anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000. This project will cost over 33 million to build but it will start a better way to build buildings as well as community based businesses and charities. It will change the way the future is built in many ways.  THIS is my ULTIMATE DREAM and THE REASON I have been put here on this earth. It is my goal this year to finally take this baby of mine off of the paper that I have been writing and planning on for years and build an ACTION PLAN to make it a reality. I AM READY!

Those of you wishing to help in my 2015 quest with a little birthday gift or an any time donation you may do so via this little button here…

Make a Donation

Or just wish me luck and send good vibes in a comment below.

All is welcome and appreciated!

What are your goals and dreams for 2015?
I would love to read all about them!

Disclaimer: The above is just me sharing my dreams and you may support in any way. Please KNOW that in no way what so ever is anything ever an obligation or expected. I too am investing in the dreams above and have already started a savings for the above mentioned items. Thank you for reading and I wish you love and light in all of your endeavors and dreams always. ❤ 🙂

Here is a link to some of the items on Mary Lou’s 2015 Wish List and for everything else on my vision boards… Follow me on Pinterest


4 Jun

I have to say… THIS is the FIRST TIME in my life that I am COMPLETELY HAPPY and CAN SEE the FUTURE and LOVE where it is going! I am so BLESSED! I love my husband, Justin Sandler beyond words, I love my new life, my health and my skin is getting better every day, I am loving myself again, and I am living doing what I love in photography without stress or worry where the next $$$ is coming from. We are also working with Seacret Direct and building a business that is FUN and the level of Integrity, the People, and the Personal Growth in this company is BEYOND AMAZING! I feel like everything thing I have been doing with helping myself becoming a better human since 2002 and inspiring others is NOW coming into view! I have found my calling! I want to help people on a massive level! For many years in my journey to become a better human I have longed to inspire others with what I learn in my journey… I have made sure that I help many people every day online and in person before my head hits the pillow. Now with my upcoming mentor meetings, I am working to become an inspirational speaker and I am so EXCITED BEYOND MEASURE!

I’ve been at a midlife cross roads this last year as to where my life was heading and if I should give up photography and become a personal trainer so I can help more people feel better about themselves every day. I was struggling though… I did not want to give up photography because I love seeing people smile when I take their photo and feel good about themselves, but I wasn’t making enough money at it and “it seemed” everyone was nickel and diming me because the next photographer is cheaper on Groupon. So needless to say… it was stressing me out. Becoming a personal trainer is nice too but it is not helping as many people as I would like to help in my lifetime on a massive scale. NOW THAT I HAVE FOUND MY CALLING ALL OF MY DOORS ARE OPEN! I am booking more photo-shoots every week lately and worrying about $$ less and less!

I am working with a company that is structured on “The more people you help become successful… The more you become successful.” WHAT AN AWESOME CONCEPT! This is the way THE WORLD SHOULD BE! The residual income is amazing! And… in the near future I will be able to help people on such a sensational massive scale… It really is a dream come true! I cannot even begin to explain the massive uplifting energy I feel in my heart and soul right now! There is a difference in being a successful person and a significant person… I want to be significant! I have always wanted to help change the world but never knew how… I am now on a path to do just that! Help change the world! Life only gets better when you help more people and spread positivity, love, and joy!


Mary Lou Sandler

“The Seacret Sandlers”


MISUNDERSTANDING… Regarding my change in career direction…

5 Feb

MISUNDERSTANDING… Regarding my change in career direction… Just so you know… I AM NOT RETIRING FROM PHOTOGRAPHY! I am just not spending most of my life promoting our 3 Cubed Studios, LLC business on the net and trying to get photo clients 24/7 🙂 so I am going into the health and fitness business “as well” to live a more stable and structured life working for a gym (Hopefully Equinox) with regular hours, health insurance, benefits, and clients at my disposal so that I can enjoy life with my hubby and have a family 🙂 I AM STILL A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR HIRE! Hint Hint 🙂 My health and fitness career change (or should I say career return) is about stability and helping improve others life’s as well as my own. With my recent health battles I have learned that WITHOUT YOUR HEALTH… YOU HAVE NOTHING! So I want to dedicate my life more to helping others become healthy, happy, shiny people. I will still be doing creative / photography projects as well as an on going series of photography charity based books. I realized after a few have asked me lately that… maybe I sounded like I was quitting being a photographer / director…. No Never! I am just done haggling for my worth to get paid as an artist! Now I will be molding bodies, bellies, spirits, and minds and… still doing creative collaborations for fun, passion, and FOR HIRE! ♥ Blessings and Beauty from Mary Lou

Time to start studying for my personal training re-certification!

Time to start studying for my personal training re-certification!

Mary Lou ~ Feb. 3, 2013
Mary Lou ~ Feb. 2013


Repeating Patterns…

30 Jan

Since I have been eating cleaner and cleansing I notice a lot more within my body and I have a clearer mindset… Now that I am more aware of myself… I have during this time learned that I STOP once I start seeing results… (This happens not only with my physical fitness goals but with my other goals in life as well)  This last week of my birthday I cheated on my diet then felt weak and lethargic so I didn’t work out. Then I noticed I started sleeping more and waking up later and my mood wasn’t as happy go lucky. I also noticed myself gaining a few lbs. back and getting flabby and the cellulite coming back in my legs. Even though my cheats are all organic and vegan and cleaner than most people’s cheats that is no excuse I need to keep sugar and gluten out of diet PERIOD! The few bites of gluten and sugar are NOT WORTH MY HEALTH and MY GOALS! We all slip and fall but it is when we get back UP that counts! I am learning more and more about myself and how I repeat habits. NOW I can STOP and MOVE FORWARD! Now that I am more aware of my patterns and how my body is responding to clean eating and training I will not be slipping again. Today is an awesome day of protein shakes, juicing, salads and clean eating! Today has started off with good news, working out, and feeling good about myself that I am learning, growing, healing, and living a full beautiful healthy life! ~ Healthy Hugs to You From A Thing or Two by Mary Lou”

Not feeling blue about turning 42

Mary Lou is not feeling blue about turning 42


You must cleanse and purge the toxic… Happy 2013!

31 Dec

Mary Lou December 2012

12/30/2012 – Recovering slowly but surely after my 8 year battle with an intestinal infection I didn’t know I had nor could medical doctors figure out why I ate right and worked out yet my skin kept breaking out with severe acne and hives, to massive bloating, massive yoyo weight gain (that “was” me and my abs above), and daily exhaustion all of which was starting to shut down my organs. (My appendix almost burst in 2010 and the hospital didn’t catch my intestinal infection. I diagnosed myself finally by going to get a colonic in July 2012 and then birthed over a dozen parasites see my blog at “Mary Lou Health Update”) I’m feeling better day by day and gettin skinny gettin skinny with only working out a few times a week until I gain more of my strength back! Happy ONE YEAR VEGAN ANNIVERSARY to Justin and me! Becoming vegan and taking better care of myself saved my life! Getting off all of my medications that were masking what was “really” wrong with me saved my life! Let FOOD be thy medicine! Thank you to the Inner Health Center ( for mental and spiritual health from advice to colon hydrotherapy twice a week and infrared saunas to help with my severe inflammation in my body and my joints. 2012 was the most depressing and debilitating year I’ve ever physically and mentally experienced in my lifetime. I lost myself in depression and exhaustion and I lost friends. Having double knee surgery and learning to walk again from 2006 to 2007 was a walk in the park compared to this last year dealing with illness, depression, and no energy. I’m looking forward to a happier and healthier 2013! I’m starting to feel REBORN!

Thank you everyone for your love and support. That is one of the MANY things I learned in 2012… Just how much I am LOVED when I wasn’t loving myself during the years of feeling sick every day and many days I wanted to give up! Especially this year! The Year of my CLEANSING! Cleansing yourself is TOUGH! So… THANK YOU!  Love you back more than you know!

2012 was a hard battle physically, mentally, spiritually and I wouldn’t change a thing! Wishing you ALL a beautiful 2013

We are one with mother earth… You must cleanse and purge the toxic…Before you can cleanse, heal, learn, and grow! ~ A Thing or Two by Mary Lou xoxo

PS: In 2013 I am tackling Juice Cleansing with and the

Also read the Inner Health Center Blogs. If you want to feel energetic and healthy and lean I suggest you learn how your body digests food. Doctor Deenie has changed my body and life for good! 

Click this link on FOOD COMBINING

Click this link on HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR COLON

Mary Lou Health Update… Time to Get Squirmy…

19 Nov

WARNING: This blog is GRAPHIC about intestinal health issues
NO! I am not contagious unless you plan on eating my poo

Health Progress Photo from 8/6/2012 to 11/18/2012

The photo above is NOT ME PREGNANT… It is my medical treatments progress start till now. Special thanks to Dr. Jenny ( and “Doctor” Deenie ( for turning my health and life around. We started treatment for Gut Repair, Intestinal Parasites, Diet Plan, Kangen PH Balanced Water, Infrared Sauna, and Colonics in August 2012.

A little History… In early 2005 I started feeling sick and gaining weight after years of being a size 0-3 and a fitness model for most of my life. I went from 115 lbs. up to 176 lbs. within 2 years. I also had double knee surgery in 2006 and couldn’t really walk for almost a year. Then a near appendix burst in October 2010 after which I quit smoking after a 20+ year addiction to nicotine. Then sick again in December 2012 with a really bad UTI. The whole experience after experience was literally mentally crippling… as soon as I thought I was getting better there was another health setback. I tried working out, eating right, got a trainer, etc. and the weight would come off then come right back and I was not feeling any better. It would also take me days to weeks to recover from a workout. I was in extreme pain every day. I felt like my body was slowly dying. I was massively depressed and lethargic. The worst of it was in the beginning of 2012 when I rarely left the house for the first 4 months of the year! It took massive amounts of energy to run an errand and then I would need a nap. I would have anxiety before going out to see  friends or to go to work and a lot of times I didn’t make it out at all. This affected my financial situation as well as put strain on my relationships and that led to even more anxiety and stress. The toll my health was doing on my mental and physical state was just too much for me to handle. During the years of 2006-2012 I had seen 5 different doctors and had a week hospital stay but no one could figure out what was wrong with me. Although in 2011 with thanks to my new medical doctor, Dr. Melina ( we did find out that I may be suffering from a possible case of PCOS and a mild case of insulin resistance. All of the other doctors were clueless as to what my problem was and many of them started thinking that it was all in my head. The other doctors (coincidentally all male doctors) gave me massive amounts of hormone pills and one gave me pharmaceutical speed just so I could focus and function. All the meds didn’t make me better so I stopped taking them ALL including birth control in January 2012 because I felt like I needed to cleanse my system.

I also went vegan December 29, 2011. Everything in my body was telling me that I had to stop eating meat. I couldn’t bite into meat anymore without getting sick and wanting to vomit. By July 2012 every time I ate I almost passed out and was slurring my speech, I experienced loss of sex drive, loss of memory, loss of concentration, migraines, and started losing the sight in my left eye. I had rashes and severe boil like acne all over my body and I noticed that most of my weight gain and discomfort was centered on my gut area only.  In July 2012 I had had enough. I meditated on what I used to do when I used to feel 100% healthy and energetic. I remembered that I use to treat myself to a Burke Williams Spa day every month and get colonics. My husband had gone out of town on a gig and I decided I was going to take a Mary weekend and be good to myself. I had a gift certificate from my bridesmaid for Burke Williams so I did a Friday night spa night and the next morning I went into a health center and got a colonic. Now we are about to get graphic so if you can’t handle it… Do not keep reading…

After 7 months of being vegan, I started to crave strange foods that I used to hate. Foods like massive amounts of coconut and ginger. (coconut and ginger kill parasites) My belly was getting more and more bloated even though I was eating all organic and vegan, I was STILL gaining weight! I knew there was something wrong in my gut and that was the only place after years of seeing doctors that was not tested. If you have ever had a colonic you know you won’t go poo again until one to three days later. The next day I had a BM and “gave birth” to about 12 parasitic worms. (photos below)

Photos I took of the Parasites I have passed from July to November ~ Mary Lou Sandler

Well… I then began to freak out, I go onto the internet, freak out even more, and then go to the ER. I waited in the ER for 4.5 hours. The doctors at the ER thought it was not an emergency, even though everything I read and heard about was how dangerous parasites are and that people are being eaten from the inside out. So I left without being seen. I then decided to see a naturopathic doctor. Once I decided I wanted to see a naturopathic doctor, people started coming to me from out of the blue talking about naturopathy and I learned my mother sees a naturopathic doctor as well. The universe was sending me what I needed. I went to yelp and found Dr. Jenny. ( I chose her because of her ethics, health plans, and knowledge of women’s health including PCOS. At our first visit, she spent almost 2 hours with me, listening and writing down everything I told her… and she BELIEVED ME! I showed her the photos of the parasites I passed in my stool and we ordered a stool panel and gut panel tests. We learned that we needed to repair the stomach acid in my gut and kill the parasites that were basically eating me from the inside out. You see when you have parasites… They eat what you eat and then you get their toxic waste which makes you toxic (basically your body is getting toxic from worm shit) Judging from the size of the worms I had passed, I have had these for a good 8 years or more and there are hundreds more inside me.

I then learned I needed to get a massive amount of colonics and cleansing treatments if I am to rid myself of intestinal parasites. Again was my rescue and I found my savoir, Deenie. ( I saw on her website that she too had suffered for years with parasites and dealing with doctors that did not know what was wrong with her and just kept giving her more and more drugs. I knew right then that this was the girl for me to get my health back and boy was I correct! She taught me so much about the human digestive system and health in one colonic than I have ever learned going to a doctor since birth. I have been seeing her twice a week for colonics and infrared saunas for months now and I will continue to see her for colonics, etc. for the rest of my life even after my parasitic treatments are over.

I learned so much from Deenie that we directed, filmed, and edited this informational video below! Thru my company 

Some More Informational Videos…

I do not endorse the product you see in this video.
I am simply posting this for educational purposes.

Parasites: What the medical doctor will not tell you [1 of 3]

Parasites: What the medical doctor will not tell you [2 of 3]

Parasites: What the medical doctor will not tell you [3 of 3]

Where do you get parasites? Many say overseas and I do remember going to Berlin in 2001 and getting sick while there and going to the ER after only to have them give me a chalky substance and send me on my way. Why didn’t they test me then… maybe I could’ve avoided years of pain and depression?!?!?

Those of you that know me… Be glad I listened to my body and did not give up! Parasites begin to attack the rest of your body and then there would’ve been no more Mary Lou…

They also say you can get parasites from anywhere and 90 percent of the population has them and none are the wiser. (see posted videos above for more info) These creatures have been around and survived for billions of years. They are not easy to treat or get rid of. Dr. Jenny, Dr. Melina, and “Doctor” Deenie have all been treating me with both medical and naturopathic / herbal remedies and I still have a long journey ahead of me before I am parasite free. I can tell you this… I am finally after months of treatments feeling GOOD again. I am ALERT, AWAKE, SLEEP BETTER, I DIGEST MY FOOD BETTER, I HAVE VERY LITTLE TO NO PAIN, ETC. ETC. ETC. I AM FINALLY FEELING FANTASTIC now for 3 weeks and it is improving! That’s a long time after 7 years of HELL! Also when I work out now, I am not as sore and I still have energy! I now have HOPE that I haven’t felt in a very long time! THANK YOU!!

With everything I have endured and witnessed in my lifetime… This has been the hardest to handle… I went from a strong fitness model on the cover of magazines and feeling invincible to feeling defeated broken and weak for the last 7 years! I cannot and will not live this way any longer. I have found new strength, hope, and happiness. I am eating and feeling healthier than ever (still vegan) and I am on my way to a new and improved life that I can appreciate more than I did years before when I took my body and health for granted. I can now say I am EXCITED about my FUTURE!

The moral of the story is… Be good to YOU! If you are experiencing any of these same symptoms… Check your poo! (most gut and poo panels come up negative for parasites! YOU know your body better than anyone!) Eat right and go get a colonic and start a cleansing program. Treat yourself better than anything else! Without your health… You’ve got NOTHING!

If you live in the Los Angeles area please contact my naturopathic doctor for a deeper understanding of YOUR Body, Diet, Health, and Wellbeing with Dr. Jenny ( For Colonics, Infrared Sauna Treatments, Kangen Water, etc. please contact “Doctor” Deenie ( (I also designed her website). There are many cleansing programs and lots of good information to help you to get on your way back to healthy. My medical doctor who has cook books and diet plans as well, Dr. Melina (

I am now reading “The Body Ecology” by Donna Gates. This will be the most challenging treatment and diet thus far to reset my body and get myself back to 100% healthy.

Product Details
The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity
 by Donna Gates and Linda Schatz

One last and very important thank you goes to my husband, Justin Sandler ( He has been thru this journey with me since 2009 and has seen me at my best and my worse! He has endured my mood swings and depression and helped me every step of the way. He makes sure I am drinking my water, eating right, taking my vitamins, and encourages me to work out and is patient with me when my body can’t handle it that day. He has always been there for me and has never judged me nor made me feel ugly, even though I have felt the ugliest ever during this journey. He has been patient, kind, and has a heart of gold. He chased me around like giddy teenager even when my belly looked 8 months pregnant from my medical treatments. I love him more than words can say. THANK YOU! You are my gift from god!

Below are my treatments progress photos thus far as well as some of my past modeling photos so you can have a visual of my journey. I will be updating you as I get myself back to fighting shape again.

Parasites are hard to detect and most people are ignorant of this epidemic. For more information on parasites watch the Animal Planet Series “Monsters Inside Me”

More informational links about parasites…


Human Intestinal Parasites Worms

What are the treatments for intestinal parasites in humans?


Mary Lou Sandler (Mary L. Carter) ~ Fitness modeling 1997 – 2002

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Medical Treatments Progress from 8/6/2012 to 11/18/2012 ~ THANK YOU for a Deeper understanding of MY Body, Diet, Health, and Wellbeing Dr. Jenny ( Colonics and Infrared Sauna Treatments Twice a week with “Doctor” Deenie (

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Twice a week Infrared Sauna treatments for joint swelling / pain from 3 knee surgeries and body bloating die off reactions from parasite treatment. These Infrared sauna treatments have helped my pain and swelling IMMENSELY! Thank you “Doctor” Deenie (

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Chest Rash Progress 4/20/2012 to 11/18/2012 ~ Deeper understanding of MY Body, Diet, Health, and Wellbeing Dr. Jenny ( Colonics and Infrared Sauna Treatments Twice a week with “Doctor” Deenie (

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Acne Progress 8/6/2012 to 11/18/2012 Deeper understanding of MY Body, Diet, Health, and Wellbeing Dr. Jenny ( Colonics and Infrared Sauna Treatments Twice a week with “Doctor” Deenie ( 

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Before and After Ionic Foot Bath with “Doctor” Deenie (
The Ion Spa or Foot Spa works to dramatically remove toxins from your body through your feet. 

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