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8 Mar
Mary Lou ~ March 2013

Mary Lou ~ March 2013

Howdy Everyone!

I haven’t done a Mary Morphing update in awhile so here it is… We found out that my intestinal infection was not cured yet so I’ve been on my 4th parasite cleanse within the last year. This killing/cleansing process makes you lethargic, bloated, moody, itchy, acne prone, and to have strange food cravings because the parasites are fighting to survive. I have 3 more weeks of this cleanse. I am going to try harder to get back to exercising while during this cleansing process. I am not gonna lie… I really don’t feel up to it but I got a new bike yesterday to inspire me. Good news is I have not gained back any of the weight I lost in the last 6 months which is HUGE HEALING PROGRESS! I just have a little bloated uncomfortable Buddha belly by evening time every night. My goal is to lose another 20 lbs. to be a healthy and still curvy 125 lbs. I am not giving up and I am fighting the good fight! 

Healthy Hugs to you from Mary Lou

FYI… So far I have had OVER 30 colonics in the last 5 months and 4 rounds of parasite treatments since August 2012.  You can read more about it at “Mary Lou Health Update”

Here is the cleansing product I am using right now. I used 2 others including a medical strong prescription to rid me of the parasites before this one.

You can get it from my holistic practitioner in Tarzana and also ask her any questions you have. (I also designed her website) Her name is Deenie Robbins.

Also… Here is an educational video we shot, directed, and edited for my holistic practitioner with a lot of info on it as well. 


Product Details

The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity by Donna Gates and Linda Schatz



Old Me... Inspiring Present Me... Into NEW, WISER, and HEALTHIER THAN EVER ME!!

Old Me… Inspiring Present Me… Into NEW, WISER, and HEALTHIER THAN EVER ME!!


Mary Lou Health Update… Time to Get Squirmy…

19 Nov

WARNING: This blog is GRAPHIC about intestinal health issues
NO! I am not contagious unless you plan on eating my poo

Health Progress Photo from 8/6/2012 to 11/18/2012

The photo above is NOT ME PREGNANT… It is my medical treatments progress start till now. Special thanks to Dr. Jenny ( and “Doctor” Deenie ( for turning my health and life around. We started treatment for Gut Repair, Intestinal Parasites, Diet Plan, Kangen PH Balanced Water, Infrared Sauna, and Colonics in August 2012.

A little History… In early 2005 I started feeling sick and gaining weight after years of being a size 0-3 and a fitness model for most of my life. I went from 115 lbs. up to 176 lbs. within 2 years. I also had double knee surgery in 2006 and couldn’t really walk for almost a year. Then a near appendix burst in October 2010 after which I quit smoking after a 20+ year addiction to nicotine. Then sick again in December 2012 with a really bad UTI. The whole experience after experience was literally mentally crippling… as soon as I thought I was getting better there was another health setback. I tried working out, eating right, got a trainer, etc. and the weight would come off then come right back and I was not feeling any better. It would also take me days to weeks to recover from a workout. I was in extreme pain every day. I felt like my body was slowly dying. I was massively depressed and lethargic. The worst of it was in the beginning of 2012 when I rarely left the house for the first 4 months of the year! It took massive amounts of energy to run an errand and then I would need a nap. I would have anxiety before going out to see  friends or to go to work and a lot of times I didn’t make it out at all. This affected my financial situation as well as put strain on my relationships and that led to even more anxiety and stress. The toll my health was doing on my mental and physical state was just too much for me to handle. During the years of 2006-2012 I had seen 5 different doctors and had a week hospital stay but no one could figure out what was wrong with me. Although in 2011 with thanks to my new medical doctor, Dr. Melina ( we did find out that I may be suffering from a possible case of PCOS and a mild case of insulin resistance. All of the other doctors were clueless as to what my problem was and many of them started thinking that it was all in my head. The other doctors (coincidentally all male doctors) gave me massive amounts of hormone pills and one gave me pharmaceutical speed just so I could focus and function. All the meds didn’t make me better so I stopped taking them ALL including birth control in January 2012 because I felt like I needed to cleanse my system.

I also went vegan December 29, 2011. Everything in my body was telling me that I had to stop eating meat. I couldn’t bite into meat anymore without getting sick and wanting to vomit. By July 2012 every time I ate I almost passed out and was slurring my speech, I experienced loss of sex drive, loss of memory, loss of concentration, migraines, and started losing the sight in my left eye. I had rashes and severe boil like acne all over my body and I noticed that most of my weight gain and discomfort was centered on my gut area only.  In July 2012 I had had enough. I meditated on what I used to do when I used to feel 100% healthy and energetic. I remembered that I use to treat myself to a Burke Williams Spa day every month and get colonics. My husband had gone out of town on a gig and I decided I was going to take a Mary weekend and be good to myself. I had a gift certificate from my bridesmaid for Burke Williams so I did a Friday night spa night and the next morning I went into a health center and got a colonic. Now we are about to get graphic so if you can’t handle it… Do not keep reading…

After 7 months of being vegan, I started to crave strange foods that I used to hate. Foods like massive amounts of coconut and ginger. (coconut and ginger kill parasites) My belly was getting more and more bloated even though I was eating all organic and vegan, I was STILL gaining weight! I knew there was something wrong in my gut and that was the only place after years of seeing doctors that was not tested. If you have ever had a colonic you know you won’t go poo again until one to three days later. The next day I had a BM and “gave birth” to about 12 parasitic worms. (photos below)

Photos I took of the Parasites I have passed from July to November ~ Mary Lou Sandler

Well… I then began to freak out, I go onto the internet, freak out even more, and then go to the ER. I waited in the ER for 4.5 hours. The doctors at the ER thought it was not an emergency, even though everything I read and heard about was how dangerous parasites are and that people are being eaten from the inside out. So I left without being seen. I then decided to see a naturopathic doctor. Once I decided I wanted to see a naturopathic doctor, people started coming to me from out of the blue talking about naturopathy and I learned my mother sees a naturopathic doctor as well. The universe was sending me what I needed. I went to yelp and found Dr. Jenny. ( I chose her because of her ethics, health plans, and knowledge of women’s health including PCOS. At our first visit, she spent almost 2 hours with me, listening and writing down everything I told her… and she BELIEVED ME! I showed her the photos of the parasites I passed in my stool and we ordered a stool panel and gut panel tests. We learned that we needed to repair the stomach acid in my gut and kill the parasites that were basically eating me from the inside out. You see when you have parasites… They eat what you eat and then you get their toxic waste which makes you toxic (basically your body is getting toxic from worm shit) Judging from the size of the worms I had passed, I have had these for a good 8 years or more and there are hundreds more inside me.

I then learned I needed to get a massive amount of colonics and cleansing treatments if I am to rid myself of intestinal parasites. Again was my rescue and I found my savoir, Deenie. ( I saw on her website that she too had suffered for years with parasites and dealing with doctors that did not know what was wrong with her and just kept giving her more and more drugs. I knew right then that this was the girl for me to get my health back and boy was I correct! She taught me so much about the human digestive system and health in one colonic than I have ever learned going to a doctor since birth. I have been seeing her twice a week for colonics and infrared saunas for months now and I will continue to see her for colonics, etc. for the rest of my life even after my parasitic treatments are over.

I learned so much from Deenie that we directed, filmed, and edited this informational video below! Thru my company 

Some More Informational Videos…

I do not endorse the product you see in this video.
I am simply posting this for educational purposes.

Parasites: What the medical doctor will not tell you [1 of 3]

Parasites: What the medical doctor will not tell you [2 of 3]

Parasites: What the medical doctor will not tell you [3 of 3]

Where do you get parasites? Many say overseas and I do remember going to Berlin in 2001 and getting sick while there and going to the ER after only to have them give me a chalky substance and send me on my way. Why didn’t they test me then… maybe I could’ve avoided years of pain and depression?!?!?

Those of you that know me… Be glad I listened to my body and did not give up! Parasites begin to attack the rest of your body and then there would’ve been no more Mary Lou…

They also say you can get parasites from anywhere and 90 percent of the population has them and none are the wiser. (see posted videos above for more info) These creatures have been around and survived for billions of years. They are not easy to treat or get rid of. Dr. Jenny, Dr. Melina, and “Doctor” Deenie have all been treating me with both medical and naturopathic / herbal remedies and I still have a long journey ahead of me before I am parasite free. I can tell you this… I am finally after months of treatments feeling GOOD again. I am ALERT, AWAKE, SLEEP BETTER, I DIGEST MY FOOD BETTER, I HAVE VERY LITTLE TO NO PAIN, ETC. ETC. ETC. I AM FINALLY FEELING FANTASTIC now for 3 weeks and it is improving! That’s a long time after 7 years of HELL! Also when I work out now, I am not as sore and I still have energy! I now have HOPE that I haven’t felt in a very long time! THANK YOU!!

With everything I have endured and witnessed in my lifetime… This has been the hardest to handle… I went from a strong fitness model on the cover of magazines and feeling invincible to feeling defeated broken and weak for the last 7 years! I cannot and will not live this way any longer. I have found new strength, hope, and happiness. I am eating and feeling healthier than ever (still vegan) and I am on my way to a new and improved life that I can appreciate more than I did years before when I took my body and health for granted. I can now say I am EXCITED about my FUTURE!

The moral of the story is… Be good to YOU! If you are experiencing any of these same symptoms… Check your poo! (most gut and poo panels come up negative for parasites! YOU know your body better than anyone!) Eat right and go get a colonic and start a cleansing program. Treat yourself better than anything else! Without your health… You’ve got NOTHING!

If you live in the Los Angeles area please contact my naturopathic doctor for a deeper understanding of YOUR Body, Diet, Health, and Wellbeing with Dr. Jenny ( For Colonics, Infrared Sauna Treatments, Kangen Water, etc. please contact “Doctor” Deenie ( (I also designed her website). There are many cleansing programs and lots of good information to help you to get on your way back to healthy. My medical doctor who has cook books and diet plans as well, Dr. Melina (

I am now reading “The Body Ecology” by Donna Gates. This will be the most challenging treatment and diet thus far to reset my body and get myself back to 100% healthy.

Product Details
The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity
 by Donna Gates and Linda Schatz

One last and very important thank you goes to my husband, Justin Sandler ( He has been thru this journey with me since 2009 and has seen me at my best and my worse! He has endured my mood swings and depression and helped me every step of the way. He makes sure I am drinking my water, eating right, taking my vitamins, and encourages me to work out and is patient with me when my body can’t handle it that day. He has always been there for me and has never judged me nor made me feel ugly, even though I have felt the ugliest ever during this journey. He has been patient, kind, and has a heart of gold. He chased me around like giddy teenager even when my belly looked 8 months pregnant from my medical treatments. I love him more than words can say. THANK YOU! You are my gift from god!

Below are my treatments progress photos thus far as well as some of my past modeling photos so you can have a visual of my journey. I will be updating you as I get myself back to fighting shape again.

Parasites are hard to detect and most people are ignorant of this epidemic. For more information on parasites watch the Animal Planet Series “Monsters Inside Me”

More informational links about parasites…


Human Intestinal Parasites Worms

What are the treatments for intestinal parasites in humans?


Mary Lou Sandler (Mary L. Carter) ~ Fitness modeling 1997 – 2002

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Medical Treatments Progress from 8/6/2012 to 11/18/2012 ~ THANK YOU for a Deeper understanding of MY Body, Diet, Health, and Wellbeing Dr. Jenny ( Colonics and Infrared Sauna Treatments Twice a week with “Doctor” Deenie (

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Twice a week Infrared Sauna treatments for joint swelling / pain from 3 knee surgeries and body bloating die off reactions from parasite treatment. These Infrared sauna treatments have helped my pain and swelling IMMENSELY! Thank you “Doctor” Deenie (

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Chest Rash Progress 4/20/2012 to 11/18/2012 ~ Deeper understanding of MY Body, Diet, Health, and Wellbeing Dr. Jenny ( Colonics and Infrared Sauna Treatments Twice a week with “Doctor” Deenie (

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Acne Progress 8/6/2012 to 11/18/2012 Deeper understanding of MY Body, Diet, Health, and Wellbeing Dr. Jenny ( Colonics and Infrared Sauna Treatments Twice a week with “Doctor” Deenie ( 

Mary Lou Sandler ~ Before and After Ionic Foot Bath with “Doctor” Deenie (
The Ion Spa or Foot Spa works to dramatically remove toxins from your body through your feet. 

Update: I am finally feeling FANTASTIC!

1 Jun

I am sorry I have been away so long… Here is why…

We went Vegan last December and I stopped all of my hormone meds I’ve been on since I was 14 years old (the amount of meds increased as I got older). When I went Vegan as well as stopping all of my hormone meds at the same time my body and mind spiraled into a depression I never want to witness again! But there is good news… I am finally feeling FANTASTIC on a more consistent basis within this last month where my mood, confidence, libido, and energy is coming back after years and years of feeling and being ill. My stomach and my whole body feels so much better after becoming Vegan! My skin is beginning to clear up since I broke out in hives everywhere after stopping my horomone meds, it is going to take time before that levels out. I am learning patience with this journey instead of feeling like a leper like I did for 4 long months when I started this journey in the beginning of the year. (I barely left the couch or the house for 4 months unless it was work and then I put a fake smile on my face). I still have to take my insulin regulating metformin for my insulin resistance which I will be able to get off of completely later as my body regulates itself for the first time EVER! My weight has finally leveled out as well! Now that I no longer “diet” because I have a healthy Organic Vegan Lifestyle I do not need to diet! YAY!! I haven’t craved meat and I haven’t had the urge to cheat because there are vegan / vegetarian options for everything and it tastes BETTER! I am looking forward to the future and finally feeling ALIVE and HEALTHY! I am also feeling like I can start my workout routine again with positivity instead of the doom and gloom attitude I had before because of massive hormone crazy induced depression. I am feeling more confident, hydrated, and energized and ready to take on the world again! What an amazing feeling I am experiencing! The days can only get better from here! I am loving not being a slave to daily prescriptions! Why didn’t I do this earlier in life instead of listening to doctors that just wanted to give me a man made pill for everything.

Now for hubby Justin and I to work on that baby bump this year!! I have never been pregnant and I don’t know if it will work because of all of the medications I have been on forever and the fact that at 41 years old I may only have one egg left… We will have fun trying tho!

Wishing you strength and patience on your journey. Know that things will get better if you take the steps to look fear in the face. To change your mindset, outlook, lifestyle, eating habits to healthier options. You won’t get anywhere “wishing” believe me I KNOW! I also know that no matter how hard you work in the gym that if you are not putting clean fuel into your body then you will NOT get the results you are seeking… More on my new body image developments and the different mindset I have now about training than what I thought a year ago when I was killing myself with diet and exercise to be the “perfect body” Mary that used to be on magazine covers in my next blog…

Sending LOVE to you all!

Be good to yourself and be good to one another!


Mary Lou

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Nature itself is the best physician.” ~ Hippocrates

“If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.” ~ Hippocrates

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. ” ~ Hippocrates

Mary Lou (left) Yvette Summers (right)
at the Worldfest Vegan Festival on May 20, 2012

Hey I am in this video!

24 Mar

This video is from December 2011 when I attended the celebrity photographer workshop at the LA Photo School with Robert Ascroft
He was such a delight to work with and to learn from!

LOL!  ha ha I’m such a dork in this video in a cute quirky way maybe… I hope…

Robert Ascroft at The L.A. Photo School from The Los Angeles Photo School on Vimeo.


23 Mar

Welcome, this blog represents my business of being a photographer as well as my personal goal of inspiring others. It is a place for me to share the work and art that I create. It is also a place for me to spread enlightenment from the knowledge I receive. I am also spreading good health habits by sharing my recipes and organic beauty tips that I have learned from my own health battles.

I am a Fitness Guru, a Vegan Food Fanatic, a Photographer, a Poet, a Spiritual and Positive Guide to myself and those around me… Hoping to help make the world a better place… One day at a time… One Person at a time… One Blog at a time…

I have also lived what seems to be 100 lives! My motto used to be “I am Mary… I am Many” I have had websites and a web presence in the entertainment business since there has been a web. So with that said, I added some of the history and adventures  of the ‘Old Mary’ to mix in with the ‘New Mary’  and compiled an all-in-one place of the Many Me’s.

For in Life… We Are What We Have Been and… What Is… Is but A Prelude to This Moment.





FYI: I recently got married. My new married name is Mary Lou Sandler. My maiden name is Mary L. Carter. I am reinventing myself with a blend of old and new and enjoying the journey…

Hugs and Happiness,

Mary Lou Sandler


21 Mar

The Raw Honesty, The Violence, The Struggles, And The Journey From Living In The Past Full Of Anger… To Finding Peace and Balance.

I Wrote This In 2003 To Remind Myself Of My Journey And To Hopefully Inspire Others On A More Peaceful Path.

Some Days Even Though I Lived This Story… I Have to Come Back To Read This So I Don’t Fall Off My Path And Forget That I Am Strong and I CAN Make It Through ANYTHING!!

I found this again and thought I would share….

Some of you will stop reading after the first paragraph in judgment and/or disbelief that this is about me…

And some of you will read through the whole thing and learn some valuable lessons in life 🙂

Peace, Power, and Love My Friends!

Mary Lou Sandler




I was born a girl with rage and evil in her heart from my first breath on this earth. I grew up a vain child, devious, and feeling alone most of the time. Many souls have come in and out of my life some whom felt the same way I did and relished in the mischief we could create together while others I have hurt and shamed with my selfish, jealous, and vile ways. I have loved and hated with great passion. I had always been one extreme to another. I learned to adapt, mold, and blend myself into any situation so not to show my true self and the rage I felt growing inside of me.

There was a time when I went from loving myself more than anyone to loathing myself more than anyone. Growing up I have felt great love from one part, hated and envied by another, and abandoned by others in my family. I have beaten people down with my fists and with verbal fits of rage only to make myself feel more powerful in some way or another. I have been beaten, raped, and torn apart by people I thought I knew and loved. I have been stalked and attacked by strangers who thought I would be their next victim but failed.

I can no longer keep count how many times I have wanted to die because I did not feel loved or believed myself to be to inadequate to conquer life and have also lost count on how many times I have actually tried to end it all and failed. The last time I thought heavily about it I asked for help for the first time instead of acting out. That was in the year of 2000 right before I tore all the cartilage out of my knee, didn’t have health insurance, laid in bed immobile for 2 months and was forced to reevaluate my life.

Thus became the days of my awakening

Continue reading

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