About Mary Lou

Welcome, this blog represents my business of being a photographer as well as my personal goal of inspiring others. It is a place for me to share the work and art that I create. It is also a place for me to spread enlightenment from the knowledge I receive. I am also spreading good health habits by sharing my recipes and organic beauty tips that I have learned from my own health battles.

FYI: I recently got married. My new married name is Mary Lou Sandler. My maiden name is Mary L. Carter. I am reinventing myself with a blend of old and new and enjoying the journey…


I am a Fitness Guru, a Vegan Food Fanatic, a Photographer, a Poet, a Spiritual and Positive Guide to myself and those around me… Hoping to help make the world a better place… One day at a time… One Person at a time… One Blog at a time…

I have also lived what seems to be 100 lives! My motto used to be “I am Mary… I am Many” I have had websites and a web presence in the entertainment business since there has been a web. So with that said, I added some of the history and adventures  of the ‘Old Mary’ to mix in with the ‘New Mary’  and compiled an all-in-one place of the Many Me’s.

For in Life… We Are What We Have Been and… What Is… Is but A Prelude to This Moment.






Mary Lou Sandler (Mary L. Carter) began her career behind the lens… by working in front of the lens.

Mary has lived quite an adventure to date. She has experienced more than most will in a lifetime. From a rough childhood in Washington State, she launched a Hollywood career in acting and modeling. That career, running parallel to her life, took strange and unexpected twists and turns. Mary would eventually experience her life’s biggest transformation of mind, body, and spirit. On this new path of seeking peace and beauty, she would find her true calling as a professional photographer. Everything she has experienced in her life along with her strong desire to connect with and bring out the inner beauty in others, makes Mary one of the most unique photographers you will ever encounter.
Mary overcame adversity and was able to pursue her dreams as an actress and model. She has modeled for several top celebrity photographers and has performed many roles in television shows, films, and music videos, as well as stunts and motion capture for video games. Mary has also competed and worked behind the scenes in the fitness and bodybuilding competition world.
Mary has always been drawn to the art of photography. She started shooting on an amateur level when she was 10 years old. Regardless of where her career took her, she always had a camera on her and it was actually thanks to all of her friends’ encouragement that she would enter the world of professional photography. They quickly realized that her talents as a photographer far surpassed that of others and they began hiring her for shoots. As life is what happens when you’re busy planning it, Mary’s life had launched in a way she had never expected it to and her longtime love of photography would suddenly become her main professional focus. Her talent, creativity, and sheer passion had never before been showcased in any other art form as much as it has through her photography.
Mary immediately began getting noticed for her exceptional eye. To date, she has shot several celebrities and advertising campaigns, and has been published in magazines multiple times including covers. Her work has also been recognized on an international level.
In addition to her photography, she has directed behind the moving camera as well. Some of her highlights include: Official Selected Music Video Director – “UNDA” The Other Venice Film Festival and Official Selected Short Film Director – “Flumen Sanguis” West Valley Indie Fest.
With both photography and film, Mary Lou Sandler (Mary L. Carter) has the ability to direct and connect with her subjects like no other. She is able to bring the best out of people, as her sets are nothing short of a Zen-like, creative atmosphere. Her life and career are running side by side in harmony, drawing strength from her story while continuing to inspire others.
Past Actress Resume and Reel: www.nowcasting.com/MaryLCarter

One Response to “About Mary Lou”

  1. Roman February 2, 2014 at 11:19 am #

    You can also insert videos in blog posts that you are creating.
    I also volunteer on parenting or diabetes sites too to branch out.

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