29 May

WE NEED VOTES FOR @3CUBEDSTUDIOS TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A GRANT! Please take a small moment to vote (votes are done quickly with one click of a button, no need to register) for our company 3 Cubed Studios, LLC​ to be considered for a grant @ www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/b/36073 so that we may continue our efforts in making enlivening content to uplift and heal individuals, expand our charitable efforts in creating gallery shows and books where the proceeds go to charity, create more inspirational films (documentary & short), expand our female empowerment projects to help encourage women and our future little women, continue capturing the beauty in every individual and their families thru photography, create music to feed your soul, and lastly this grant could finally set in motion our dream of opening a free community center for children and the arts. Art is vanishing in our schools so therefore our future artists are vanishing! Our ultimate wish is to cultivate the future generation of creatives! This ultimate goal is not just a community center… It is also a full community that will actually revolutionize the way buildings are built that will help the earth and teach people how to live greener lives to protect our resources. I have been designing this building that has never been built before for the last 5 years and have recently completed the project design. This building and community will set in motion the way future buildings are built. The time is now to help save not only each other but our earth’s resources and our future generation. Please vote by clicking the link www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/b/36073 (we need 250 votes to be considered!) PLEASE VOTE and SHARE! Help make our cause a reality! It helps you too! Thank You, Mary Lou Sandler​



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