I’m due for some ‪#‎progressphotos‬ so here ya go!

29 Mar

I’m due for some #progressphotos so here ya go! I don’t know if I will win anything for the golds gym challenge ending April 11th and at this point that is not my focus anymore. Sure it would be nice to WIN but to KEEP GOING after this competition is done with the SLOW and steady pace of getting fit and healthy FOR LIFE is my goal! Besides… I AM ALREADY WINING! So far I’ve only lost 11 lbs. but as you can see I have lost MANY inches and that’s ok with me! In the past I’ve wanted to do everything NOW and FAST and all it did was stress me out and I would repeatedly get injured! So no more of that! With the help of preparing myself both mentally and physically with my chiropractor, trainers, friends, family, OA, SLAA, 12 steps, mentors, sponsors, power partners, women’s retreats, buddhist groups, meetings, and chants… Getting to the REAL nitty gritty of WHY I was over eating and stopped exercising is my LIFE CHANGING GOAL! This former fitness model and competitor has been on a constant weight loss and weight gain battle since 2004. Sure past injuries, surgeries, illness, parasites, etc. etc. have played a part but… IT WAS ME that pushed it past “gaining a little weight” during those times to GAINING A LOT OF WEIGHT! I still needed healing from past abuse and consciously I did not know that! I needed a TEAM of people to HELP ME do the work and KNOW IT and NOW I KNOW IT, I am living it, and I am overcoming it! I’ve always tried to do things by myself and not reach out and by doing so I’ve missed out on a lot of wisdom and great people! This time I am more mentally and physically prepped to take on anything life throws at me! This is not just about being skinny or looking good anymore… I’m learning I already look good damn it! This is about becoming the best physically healthy and mentally healthy human I CAN BE so that I can HELP and INSPIRE OTHERS to live their fullest potential! I am here to make a difference! #IAMCALLEDTOLEAD Thank you for your continued support and allowing me to be vulnerable, powerful, and put it out there! THANK YOU @marylousandler 


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