CAUTION! Free form writing and rambling brain splatter for 2015 ahead…

24 Mar

CAUTION! Free form writing and rambling brain splatter for 2015 ahead… Now that my 6 month renovating and redesign project to make our home / work space a LIVING VISION BOARD is DONE! What next? Well, I have 6 days to pass my ISSA exam or pay for a 6 month extension ($49). Tho that is not a lot of $… I would rather study and pass! Tho I will not become a PT again… It will motivate me and reeducate me! I have done the inner work these past few years and I am finally mentally and physically READY to DO IT! I also have to get CPR certified for my certification completion. Another goal is to SLOWLY and HEALTHY this time… Train and compete in more fitness competitions! I am dedicating my devotion to my photo and film studio and increasing work flo! (I already have shoots scheduled into mid MAY!) I am redesigning and finishing my website! I am finding new ways to promote The Beard Book to help cancer charities! I leave April 7th for my first assignment as a DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER to Santa Fe New Mexico to stay in a mini mansion! (My Jan 2015 vision of traveling places I have never been and become a doc filmmaker already manifested with Betsy Chasse!) August, I hope to be photographing the Rasta Retreat with yogi master and bff Kristie Rose in Costa Rica! Oh I need to update my PASSPORT! Traveling to Chicago and Seattle is a must to see family this year! Be an even better wife to Justin Sandler. Film another DOC FILM assignment at the ruins in Mexico in October (crossing fingers to manifest THAT!) We will be having more intro to Buddhism meetings and chants at our home! We will be hosting and partnering up with various entertainment gurus introducing new actor workshops here at Headshots and Actor Services by 3cubedstudios – Mary Lou and Justin Sandler! MORE women’s retreats and motivating women workshops! (My next women’s retreat is April 11-12) More 12 step programs to work out all of the abuse that still holds me back today because I let it still control me either consciously or subconsciously! I WILL OVERCOME MY OBSTACLES! I WILL Learn to LET GO! Start writing my autobiography! Self Publish my poetry book that has been sitting around for over 10 years. I am sure there is more to do… Major changes needed in my phone / internet over stimulation and the need for procrastination and / or waiting till the last minute because of FEAR and not thinking I can do it or deserve it <—- these are ALL lies I tell myself and they need to be dealt with once and for ALL! I WILL LOVE LIFE! LOVE MYSELF! LOVE EVERY MINUTE FOR IT IS TRULY A BLESSING! Thank YOU for always being here and showing such amazing support thru my failures and my triumphs! (FYI my failures are also my triumphs!) YOU ARE AMAZING!   Mary Lou Sandler


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