Let my first documentary filmmaking adventure begin…

12 Mar

IT’s OFFICIAL! My plane ticket has been booked and I am leaving to Santa Fe New Mexico April 7-11th for my first ever Documentary Film! I will be the cinematographer and co-producer of the new film “Empty Womb”, an empowering and inspiring film centered around women with an all female crew! I AM SO EXCITED! Earlier this year when I found out that I could not have children I sat down and asked myself now what do I want?!?!? Well I said immediately that I wanted to start traveling the world, I want to be around inspiring people and inspire others, I want the world to be my children, I want to start making documentary films that change people’s lives for the better, I want the films to be about women! 48 hours after I said what I wanted to my husband Justin Sandler I was sitting at dinner with a group of inspiring women including Laura Goodman (and two wonderful men, Justin Sandler and Brian Walsh) and my friend and client Betsy Chasse (co-creator, director, producer “What the Bleep Do We Know” and several other uplifting and amazing doc films) said she wanted to do the same this year and wants me to film it! No prompt from me or anything… The same words just came flying out of her mouth like it did mine days before! POOF our dreams manifested, we partnered up, and we are going for it! We have an award winning female crew and a several time Oscar nominated female editor attached to our film! THIS IS AMAZING! More info COMING SOON about our project so stay tuned…


2 Responses to “Let my first documentary filmmaking adventure begin…”

  1. Michelle Savage March 13, 2015 at 12:17 am #

    How Exciting! Congratulation!!! I truly believe dreams can come true ❤

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