4 Jun

I have to say… THIS is the FIRST TIME in my life that I am COMPLETELY HAPPY and CAN SEE the FUTURE and LOVE where it is going! I am so BLESSED! I love my husband, Justin Sandler beyond words, I love my new life, my health and my skin is getting better every day, I am loving myself again, and I am living doing what I love in photography without stress or worry where the next $$$ is coming from. We are also working with Seacret Direct and building a business that is FUN and the level of Integrity, the People, and the Personal Growth in this company is BEYOND AMAZING! I feel like everything thing I have been doing with helping myself becoming a better human since 2002 and inspiring others is NOW coming into view! I have found my calling! I want to help people on a massive level! For many years in my journey to become a better human I have longed to inspire others with what I learn in my journey… I have made sure that I help many people every day online and in person before my head hits the pillow. Now with my upcoming mentor meetings, I am working to become an inspirational speaker and I am so EXCITED BEYOND MEASURE!

I’ve been at a midlife cross roads this last year as to where my life was heading and if I should give up photography and become a personal trainer so I can help more people feel better about themselves every day. I was struggling though… I did not want to give up photography because I love seeing people smile when I take their photo and feel good about themselves, but I wasn’t making enough money at it and “it seemed” everyone was nickel and diming me because the next photographer is cheaper on Groupon. So needless to say… it was stressing me out. Becoming a personal trainer is nice too but it is not helping as many people as I would like to help in my lifetime on a massive scale. NOW THAT I HAVE FOUND MY CALLING ALL OF MY DOORS ARE OPEN! I am booking more photo-shoots every week lately and worrying about $$ less and less!

I am working with a company that is structured on “The more people you help become successful… The more you become successful.” WHAT AN AWESOME CONCEPT! This is the way THE WORLD SHOULD BE! The residual income is amazing! And… in the near future I will be able to help people on such a sensational massive scale… It really is a dream come true! I cannot even begin to explain the massive uplifting energy I feel in my heart and soul right now! There is a difference in being a successful person and a significant person… I want to be significant! I have always wanted to help change the world but never knew how… I am now on a path to do just that! Help change the world! Life only gets better when you help more people and spread positivity, love, and joy!


Mary Lou Sandler

“The Seacret Sandlers”



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